Ghost Ghost


Hey, I’m Zoe, and here’s the section where I babble and you painfully read.

SO, I’m not sure…

  1. What I’m supposed to post on here, so I’ll just post anything that goes on in my head and not much none of it will make sense to you but that’s something I can live with. You’ll probably notice from my posts that I’m easily amused and have fairly opposing interests.. Such as stabby men on Xbox games and princesses from Disney films..
  2. Why I’m writing this stuff. I think I’m meant to just post random things and leave it at that, but I guess I’m really just trying to say that I’m bored and wasting time while Sean’s busy working and while I’m on a level of Deus Ex that I suck at..
  3. How long I’ll post pointless crap on this website before realising that it’s really just for my own benefit and I know that not many people have an interest to go through another person’s page.. I mean I sure as hell can’t be bothered to go through my friends’ pages and I don’t even have that many friends with Tumblr..
  4. If I’m even supposed to write about myself at all on here.. I kinda’ hope not because I suck at that anyway. All anyone needs to know about me is that I love my family, my friends and my dog.. especially my dog.. And if you’re reading this you’re probably under one of those categories (hopefully not the dog one) so you’re welcome for the compliment!
  5. What else to say, so I’m going to shutup.


Zoë-Parkash Malda